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Preparatory course for C-CAT

Online PreCAT Fast-Track Batch
Start Date: 03rd June 2024

We will cover Section A and Section B in PreCAT batch
Preparation is key to success in each and every field, one has to traverse through the best possible route for achieving and fulfiling his dreams. C-CAT examination is the first step towards realizing every students IT career goal, PRE-CAT course prepares each and every one to succeed in the exams. Students seeking admission to various PG-Diploma courses of CDAC which are fast-paced and at the same time exhausting/extensive in nature for learning & mastering the technological skills needed by the IT world need proper guidance and support. The aspirants should bear in mind that it requires above-average skills to successfully complete it, for which this preparatory course acts as a booster.

C-CAT Syllabus

Indicative syllabus of the different sections of test papers in C-CAT.

Section A: English, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, Computer Fundamentals & Concepts of Programming

Section B: C Programming, Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming Concepts using C++, Operating Systems & Networking, Basics of Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

Section C: Computer Architecture, Digital Electronics, Microprocessors

We will cover Section A and Section B in PreCAT batch

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Reference Books

The list of reference books for the various topics of C-CAT is given below.
Candidates are, however, advised to read more books than the ones specified


  • 1. English Any High School Grammar Book (e.g. Wren & Martin)
  • 2. Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning
  • 3. Quantitative Aptitude Fully Solved (R. S. Aggrawal)
  • 4. Quantitative Aptitude (M Tyara)
  • 5. Barron’s New GRE 2016


  • 1. Computer Fundamentals Foundations of Computing (Pradeep Sinha & Priti Sinha)
  • 2. C Programming C Programming Language (Kernighan & Ritchie)
  • 3. Let Us C (Yashavant Kanetkar)
  • 4. Data Structures Data Structures Through C in Depth (S. K. Srivastava)
  • 5. Operating Systems Operating System Principles (Silberschatz, Galvin, Gagne)
  • 6. OOP Concepts Test Your C ++ Skills (Yashavant Kanetkar)