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Institute for Advanced Computing and Software Development


Training and Placement

Mr. Keshav Kumar ( Head Marketing & Placements )

IACSD is a training Institute which functions as a finishing school for aspiring engineers and others who wish to secure their career in the ICT world. Training and Placement department in an advanced technology training Institute channelizes the energy and skill of the students to achieve their goal. As Head of the Training and Placement department I am very passionate about the future of students and with this comes much needed sense of responsibility and accountability to fulfill career aspirations of students. We transform lives of the students by enhancing Technical knowledge, Improving Communication, Aptitude, Attitude, English, Analytical and Logical skills through deep and exhaustive course curriculum. During six months of professional training, we focus on 360 degree learning and up skilling through our experts and experienced faculty. Main focus is on practical learning with an aim to arrive at an efficient solution of the challenges in the IT world. The career advising teams focus is on providing sufficient opportunities to all the students pursuing PG Diploma programme of CDAC ACTS at our Institute.

We have a stringent and compact timeline of six months to nurture and groom students in advanced technologies, presentation skills, soft skills, aptitude and Interview facing skills. All students are required to complete a project encompassing all the stages of software engineering. The rigorous in-depth training that student undergoes culminates in shaping up of a confident and competent professional which complements the demand and expectation of IT industry. Our PG-Diploma students are ready to deploy resources and are as good as Software - Engineer with around one year of experience. Our goal is to place all the students with a focus on placing the last student in the PYRAMID of EXCELLENCE. We would like to be remembered as one the premier and best CDAC Institute for learning.

Common Campus Placement Programme(CCPP)

IACSD is a part of Common Campus Placement Programme(CCPP)

This is the age of Digital Media, AI, Big Data, IoT, Wi-Fi, Social Media, Virtual Media and IT which has become a part of the daily life of current generation. The use of electronic gadgets and the software’s for any industry has become a necessity. As a finishing school our contribution for advanced computing resources is the topmost priority.

IACSD, Akurdi has been aiding engineers/students who write their own success stories since its inception. We transform the lives of the students by enhancing Technical knowledge, Communication, Aptitude, Analytical and Logical skills through intense and exhaustive course curriculum. During the 6 months of the training we stress on 360 degree training through our expert and experienced faculty, our maximum focus is on practical learning with an aim to arrive at an efficient solution of the problems in the IT world.

IACSD has a dedicated placement cell to carry out various training and development programs such as soft skills, business communication, and interview training for the overall personality development of the students. The training and placement department aspires to do the following activities:

        To arrange, manage and execute On Campus, Extended Campus, Off Campus and Local Campus placement activities. Provide maximum opportunities to the eligible students. IACSD has a very healthy ratio of students to companies in CCPP.

  Maintaining and regularly updating database of students. Maintaining database of companies and establishing strategic links for campus recruitments with focus on product based IT companies.

  Forging Alliances and Coordinating with companies to learn about their requirements and recruitment procedures also collaborate for technical sessions by their experts.

 Identify the needs and expectations of the companies to assist them in recruiting most suitable candidates.

 Visit and Invite the companies located in Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi etc. for Common Campus Placement Programme working in multiple domains like Software Product Development, PLM, Security, BFSI, ERP, Big Data, Embedded, VLSI, Salesforce, Networking, Application Development, Mobile Computing, Web Development etc.

If required we arrange Local Campus for our own students.